Pest Control Oregon

Choosing Natural Pest Elimination
Doesn’t Mean You Have to Settle for Less

We’re more than just exterminators. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services to deal with current problems and prevent future problems.

Free Inspections

Are you worried about ants, termites, or dry rot? These problems can cause thousands of dollars in damage that isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. We offer a free inspection service.

Integrative Pest Management is a comprehensive and non-toxic approach to protecting your home from all of these invaders—permanently.

Permanent Wood Protection

It’s imperative to protect the wood under your home from wood-destroying insects and dry-rot fungus. We’ve got an all-natural solution that’s so effective, we’ll guarantee the results. Learn more

Pest Elimination

If you're looking for the best pest control Oregon has to offer then look no further. We don’t just kill bugs—we prevent them from returning. We don’t use toxic chemicals or sprays that might harm your family or your pets. We use naturally effective methods to protect your home.